CO Central Office Conference/Board Room Microphone Setup Quick Guide

This note is for the Scarlett Focusrite 18i8 and Audio Technica microphone setup which was installed on 2022-05-25 in the Central Office Board Room.

If you are having trouble with audio output, please check out the Audio Settings Troubleshooting Guide

  1. Microphone Orientation

    1. The microphones are designed to pick up sound from the front/logo side, and reject sound from the back. (Called a “Cardioid Pattern”)

  2. Power

    1. Ensure the two 48V Power Button/Lights are turned on, especially if no audio is being picked up. There are two of these “48V” buttons, each pair of mic inputs share one button.

  3. Volume

    1. Each indicator should show green while picking up audio. If there is no colour, it may be too quiet, and if it is red the sound will be too loud and distorted.

      1. Note: As of 2022-05-25, the two smaller mics don’t always make the green circle appear, but sound is working okay.

    2. Turn up or down each mic volume GAIN dial as needed.

  4. Muting

    1. Each microphone can be muted inidividually by turning down the respective GAIN dial all the way.