Adding a Personal Device to PWPSD's Staff and Student network

PWPSD has a network available only for Staff and Students of our Organization. PWPSD does have an open PWPSD Guests network as well. If your device does not support the PWPSD Students and Staff network and you have to use the open guest network, do so. However, It has worse coverage, is slower, is less secure, and is more restrictive than the PWPSD Students and Staff network. PWPSD devices should automatically join but personal device need to be manually added. Some of these devices will properly pick up the default settings the client needs to join the wireless but in some cases they do not and you will need the below information. A device should be ‘up to date’ as well. Please ensure you apply any Windows/IOS/Andriod/etc updates if you are having troubles connecting to PWPSD wireless.


Different devices will ask for different information, in different order, so steps will vary. If your device has ‘remembered’ the PWPSD Guest network, ensure you get your device to 'forget it'.

EAP method: PEAP

Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2

CA certificate: “Default” or “Use System Certificates”


Identity: your PWPSD username (the part before the @ sign)

Anonymous identity: blank

Password: your PWPSD password

Apple iOS:

Username: your PWPSD username (the part before the @ sign)

Password: your PWPSD password

Certificate: Trust certificate if issued by Digicert