Multi-factor Authentication

PWPSD requires the use of Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for all staff.

When you first sign in to MFA protected services (like your PWPSD Gmail) you will be prompted to set up MFA for your PWPSD account.

Follow the onscreen instructions. This is best done from a browser on a computer/Chromebook/tablet with your phone beside you to be used as the authentication method. Signing on to an MFA protected service while trying to set up MFA on the same device is challenging so it is best if you are using the mobile device only as the MFA device during setup.

You will need a mobile device of some sort and as part of the process you will be prompted to download the appropriate app. I recommend the ‘Microsoft Authenticator App'. There are other apps that can be used instead if that is your preference though. You must complete the process once started, so make sure you have 5-10 minutes with limited distractions before starting.

Below are further details should you get stuck, or want them. The onscreen instructions are all that is required, and as part of the process the sign up will initaite a 'test' that you must complete by using the mobile device. Please note that these intructions are changed by the vendor from time to time, so you will have to pay attention to what is onscreen.

Updating/adding new methods

Once you have gone through the setup process it can be updated by going to your security info settings in Microsoft Go to ‘Security info’ on the left. Click on ‘add sign in method’ , then select the secondary method, or the method that will work for the transition to a new device, and go through the setup process. Please note that MFA is mandatory and you will be locked out of your account if you were to remove all MFA from your account following signup. Wiping your device or getting a new device are often times that you will need to update/add methods. Before wiping/changing devices please ensure you have a method of authentication that will work after you have wiped/replaced the device. Please note that MFA does NOT restore via a backup. The app will restore, its configuration will not. Setting MFA up on an alternate device, or using SMS/text temporarily, are methods that can assure your ability to sign in following and set up the device appropriately. Please note that although SMS/text ‘works’ it is relatively easily hackable and is not really recommended as a method of MFA for regular use on your account.

A good way to test if the MFA setup process worked, and to practice working with it if you are unfamiliar with it, is to open a ‘new incognito window' in Chrome, and then try to signing in to and to your account (Onedrive).

If you would like a more detailed walk through, links are included


PWPSD MFA form detailed walkthrough


Please note: This process is different depending on your device, the apps you have installed, and what you may have set up in the past. The onscreen instructions will lead you through. The instructions below are only one of many ways this can be set up and may not fully apply to YOUR setup.

Microsoft MFA Detailed walkthrough